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My healthy Japanese breakfast lol
Last week I did my first voice over for movie that i shoot few month ago! It was scary but super fun and exciting :D
I cannot wait to see the finish product ahhhhhh scary.
I cant sleeeeeep…
3hour time different is killing me.
so…. little sneakpeak of Richie Lubaton photoshoot <3
My new website coming really soon!
costume shopping for my new photoshoot :D
: ) smile /スマイル
those little things make me really happy lately !!!
Sneak Peak No 2 :) Visit us online store BUTA CLOTHING
Sneak Peak from my new company lookbook from BUTA!! Viste us online store here..
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BUTA T-shirts!!
Me and my team is making clothing company call BUTA!!!!!
More info coming very soon :D
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